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100% Solids Technology

Let us WOW you with New Technology Development. 100% SOLIDS TECHNOLOGY! Slot Die Coating to answer some unique needs:

  • Transfer Adhesives (Free film on one or two liners)
  • Double coated Tapes (adhesives on both sides of a carrier)
  • Sealant Layers (heat activated solutions)
  • Custom Solutions (us creating a custom tape by coating your product or developing an entire solution for you)

HB DYNAMICS is excited about our new investment. Some people call it Hot melt Technology..........we call it 100% SOLIDS TECHNOLOGY!

Our initial phase has brought on 18" capabilities that can coat up to a 5 mil thickness and beyond, and we have phase 2 with our 40" line coming aboard in 2011.

Unique Solutions for our valued Customers!

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