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Digital Print Films

HB Dynamics continues to expand its ever growing coated product offering with a focus on customer driven requirements.

If your company is printing, using Digital Print Technologies, HB Dynamics can provide you one of our Engineered Synthetic Print Materials, or we can design a Digital Print Media that will meet your end use demands........... and also fit your Budget.

To date we have successfully assisted clients using various Digital Print Technologies, Including:

  • Wet and Dry Laser Toner Technologies for various OEM print systems  including Indigo, Xeikon and Igen
  • Thermally Imageable, Color Thermal Transfer and Monochrome Direct Thermal
  • Inkjet (Aqueous, solvent and Ultra-violet)

Receiver Coatings can be formulated for, and applied to, most common Polymeric Substrates from 0.5 to 25 mil thickness.

Our first and only strategy is to make sure our customers get a material that works in their process, and one that they can rely on each time they start up their machine.

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