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Water Based Technology

When you need High Quality Water based (aqueous) Solutions, HB DYNAMICS can help. Our Capabilities include:

  • Knife over Roll Technology
  • Gravure Technology
  • Reverse Roll Technology
  • Meyer Rod Technology
  • Saturation Technology

Products can be made in various forms:

  • Transfer Adhesives (Free film on one or two liners)
  • Double coated Tapes (adhesives on both sides of a carrier)
  • Customer Solutions (us creating a custom tape by coating your product or developing an entire solution for you)

HB DYNAMICS has coated many different products and find it hard to list them all, but a sampling of our coatings are:

  • Acrylic and Rubber Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • High and Low temp Reactivated Adhesives
  • Barrier Coatings
  • Polyurethane and Custom Coatings
  • Functional Topcoats
  • Digital Print Coatings (i.e.: Indigo, Laser, UV, solvent, Emulsion)

Coating up to 61" provides us great latitudes for you to solve problems, but let us change your world:

  • Tandem coating / laminating to 40" width allowing us to coat both sides or laminate both sides of a substrate in one pass.
  • 1 coating to 40" width that allows us to coat 2 different coatings on one side in one pass (i.e.: pattern coat variable adhesives on one side or prime first and then apply a second product in the same pass)

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